Interested in playing tennis, golf, football or any other sport or activity? Do you find it difficult to locate a suitable opponent around you, matching your skill level? Don’t worry, you are not alone; and on the basis of that assumption, it’s calming to know that there are others in a similar boat and there should be a solution lurking around. The essential ingredient missing is a way to connect you with others. 

We find that across different sports and games this vacuum inhibits a person from lifting the racquet, club, bat, to go and play without the hassles of finding partners. For those interested in team sports, a few missing players make it difficult to organize a complete game. And finally, finding and booking the venue at a time when it’s available is another perplexity, and for years there was no seamless solution.

Fortunately, we have come up with a solution to fill this vacuum.

100 MPH.

100 MPH enables individuals and communities to connect, discover and pursue their interests and passions. We can help you find the tennis partner, or connect with the cricket team that you have been searching for and also enable you to easily schedule and book facilities, coaches and activity and hobby instructors around you.

In fact, the platform isn’t limited to just sports and games, as even artists, designers, music enthusiasts, creative individuals, adventure seekers, travellers, can all move on the fast lane at 100MPH and find their suitable connection and service.

If you are an active or creative individual looking to get out and pursue your passion and interest, this may be the thing you were yearning for. Register on the website now and get a priority invite when the app launches shortly.

Looking forward to seeing you @ 100MPH.


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