We all love sports and have faced that exciting rush of a clean bowled in cricket, a chip shot in football or maybe a Hole-in-one in golf, but how does accurately hitting your target in the combat game of paintball sound? Yes, today we are not just happy with traditional sports such as cricket, football or even golf and we need to feel the adrenaline rush that comes with varied and novel experiences. One such experience that offers all this and much more is paintball.

In India Paintball is a relatively new game, where we are yet to know a lot about it. But even then there are many paintball tournaments happening all over the county. Paintball tournaments in cities like Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata have started to cause a great hype already, as unique and novel places have started to host this new and exciting game.

Paintball can majorly be credited as an action sports combat game, where each team tries to shoot at the other team with dye-filled paintballs or pellets from the paintball gun that disintegrate upon impact. A hit means the player is out for the match. This brings an element of action and excitement in this combat sport.

Fast paced and highly exciting, most people seem to just love to go wild with a paintball gun and while most of us would jump at an opportunity to shoot at each other with a gun, even if it is just a paintball gun, sadly most of us do not have access to paintball tournaments. A game that has yet to become mainstream, it is often difficult to find these paintball tournaments happening in Kolkata, Delhi or even Mumbai. The last paintball tournament in Mumbai at Battle field extreme gave us but a taste of all the excitement and imaginative ways we can play this game, from capture the flag to elimination, ammunition limits and even defending or attacking a particular point or area of interest and the crowd just seem to love the new action sport and all the adrenaline that seems to flow with the game.

While a true action sport, paintball does have a lot of safety measures that are missing in many of the games in the same genre. One doesn’t just get a paintball gun at the event but some safety gear as well such as basic armor, mask and of course paintballs as ammunition. Training is provided to newbies and safety procedures are explained and to all. Rules of the game are also to be strictly followed.

A game that literally transforms a deserted yard, a closed down factory or an empty shop into a battleground is bound to be exciting and unique, but again paintball tournaments are far and few, having a very low presence in even the metro cities. Paintball tournaments in Delhi are just as uncommon if a little better known, places like Lock N Load paintball have been arranging great tournaments filled with lots of paint stains and a lot of fun!!

While strategy does plays a very important role in paintball, a quick duck or sudden dodge goes a long way in making sure that you last longer in the game, but just like a battle field you will quickly lose the advantage in paintball unless u actually plan it out and play the game as a team. It’s like playing Counter Strike but in reality.

Team work, presence of mind and a quick foot are all things you will need to win the awesomely competitive action sport of paintball.  Now paintball tournaments in Kolkata are taking it a step further with Breakout leading the race with well designed battle field and even outdoor events.

All in all an exciting action sport, that is soon to catch speed as it runs fast at 100mph.

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