Football is one of the worlds most played and loved the game, ranking as one of the top favourite game in the world, its contemporary history spans more than 100 years. It all began in 1863 in England when rugby football and association football branched off on their different courses and the Football Association in England was formed – becoming the sport’s first governing body. Since the world has been avidly following the sport, today it’s a game we see played in most streets and playgrounds. A game that most of us fondly remember from our days as young children running free on rainy days and muddy grounds. But how many of us have tried to play the game today and have run into major problems, be it from finding people to play with, or places to play at

While you don’t really need a lot to play football, just the football, some good footballer friends and an open ground is enough to play a heart-thumping game. But when was the last time you played? From our busy schedules to our long work days we hardly have time to play a game of muddy & exciting football and while most of us have longed for a day on the field with friends we have all had excuses not to. But the excuses are valid after all, where will u find people to play with and where will u even play if u do get the team together.

An answer to all these excuses and much more is 100MPH. At 100MPH we strive to provide our users with a one-stop solution for all your sports and activities needs. Simply download the app and you are all set to discover friends to play with, coaches to learn from and venues to play at.


Login with a Facebook or Google account to Connect with friends and find playmates around you,


Create an Event from ‘My events’, fill in some details and you are all set to share the news with your friends and connections, about the football game this weekend!

So with all these and much more is coming towards you at 100MPH, hold your breath as we launch our app on 28th January 2017 for all our early access users, for a community that will CONNECT.PLAY.LIVE!