Everyone loves tennis right?! I sure love it. Australia open is not the tournament we had hoped for, what with the early exit of Djokovic. But it is a fresh change nonetheless with the return of Federer and Nadal to grand slam semi-finals. It’s a match that we sure can look forward to.

Federer got there on Tuesday when he defeated Zverev 6-1, 7-5, 6-2 in a master class performance while Nadal got there on Wednesday, after defeating the third seed Raonic at 6-4, 7-6(7), 6-4. I wouldn’t really call it a master class performance from Nadal because Raonic should have won the second set before choking with a double fault on set point in the second-set tiebreak. But then again that’s tennis for you. It was a great performance nonetheless.

Stan and Federer play today on courts that have been sped up this year, and will favor Federer massively. Federer will try to do what he did in the 2015 US Open semi-final when he rushed Stan constantly, taking all his time away. He was very effective on that occasion by winning in straight sets.

But since then, Stan has won the US Open and the conditions in Melbourne still suit him a bit better. It won’t be easy for him with the pro-Federer crowd and Federer attacking him relentlessly but he needs to keep a calm head while using his powerful serve and ground strokes to peg Federer back and keep him from dominating.

It is going to be an interesting match anyway and I just can’t wait!

But after all this excitement I am just about ready to take up the racket for a quick game of tennis. The problem is, who do I play with or which court is free right now? My friends tell me that these are excuses for to not play and instead be a couch potato.

Fortunately, today I actually have a way around all these excuses and problems, genuine as they may be! The answer is even simpler than we would have thought, as the 100MPH app lets me do all this and much more.


It’s just so simple to book a court and ask friends to play. Best of all, I can even share this with all my friends so they too know where the game is at and can join me, because as Nadal says “You live only once, but you get served twice”!