The most influential boy band of all time. It’s hard to narrow down which one of The Beatles songs really sum up their talent and career. ‘From Me To You’, the classic Beatles song was their number one single; it spent seven weeks in the number one chart spot in 1963 due to its success. Wonder why it was such a hit? You need to take a deeper look at the lyrics to understand. Whilst the majority of their songs are credited to both Lennon and McCartney as the songwriters, it was very rare for the pair to sit down together and write a song. ‘From Me To You is one of the exceptions to this as not only did John and Paul write this song together but also shared the lead vocals.

Perhaps it is simply because this song was at the beginning of their career prior to any disagreements, but the combined writing of the musical couple allowed the track to transcend the group’s rise to fame.

This was The Beatles’ first official number one single in Britain, and although other songs had reached the top of some charts, ‘From Me To You’ was the first to top the Record Retailer’s chart. This song was the first in a string of 11 consecutive number one singles for the band.

Let It Be on the other hand was their final album. ‘Let It Be’ was the title track for the end of their career together, and what a song to end with! Although there has been much debate whether the album can actually be referred to as their final release, it was originally conceived as Getting Back, due to be released before their Abbey Road album. It could be considered to be their penultimate album and, instead, see Abbey Road as their final. Nonetheless, Let It Be marked the end and certainly ended on a note of finality.

It was an end of an era as the boys decided to split, and McCartney seemed to write this song as a way to come to terms with the end of the band. The track appears to be staggered – the instruments play separately rather than together, seeming to take turns playing the accompaniment. Harrison’s guitar playing should be noted.Whether it was intentionally played and abrupt or George simply wanted the music to be over, it leaves a hint of finality. Many Beatles songs ended with a fade-out, but this did not. It did exactly what the track described, and asked you to ‘Let It Be’.

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