Valentine’s Day, the celebration of love, the time of the year when all men have one chance to make up for a year’s worth of mistakes and blunders. A man in love is always a little apprehensive of valentine’s day – What does she expect? What is a little too much too fast? What will win her heart and how can I make sure I don’t need to do anything else the entire year?.  But never fear, for even your hobbies and interests too can be just as romantic.

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

St. Valentine’s Day on February 14 is the second most celebrated holiday everywhere around the world after New Year’s Day. It is the day to announce your love. With so many ideas, you’ve probably decided what to gift your ‘special one’ but are you alert of the gift factors that can ruin your valentine’s day? Here is a guide to help you pick the perfect experience for your valentine,


Did you know that the average annual Valentine’s Day spending is $13.19 billion dollars?  Yet most men seem to still be in trouble with what to buy and where to go, so this Valentine’s, why not go for an experience rather than just a gift.

Your better half is more interested in you than in a gift, so why not share an experience with her, something that both of you can enjoy. A quick game of golf, an afternoon riding horses, teaching her to play snooker or an early morning run; all these are but examples of showing your loved one that you care for them and show them a side of you that they might not have, because love is not just about all the materialistic things of life, but about all the experiences and time that you share with your loved ones.

So this year let’s do something different, this year let’s share an experience with our loved ones, show them how much they matter and how this year Valentine’s Day is not about apologizing for last year’s blunders, but about a promise of love and affection for the years ahead!

Wishing you all a great Valentine’s and a lovely year ahead.

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